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An Institute Re-accredited Grade B (2.81) by NAAC
of Arts, Commerce, Home Science and Information Technology for Girls
Managed By: Shri Maldevji Odedra Smarak Trust, Porbandar.
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Grant-in-aid College
The College: Aims & Objectives

Dr. Virambhai Godhaniya College of Arts, Commerce, Home Science and Information Technology for Girls was founded by the Shri Maldevji Odedara Smarak Trust, Porbandar in 1988. It is a Grant-in-Aid college affiliated to Saurashtra University. This institute of higher education is a non-profit establishment offering undergraduate courses in the faculties of Arts (B.A.), Commerce (B.Com.), Home Science (B.Sc.) and Information Technology. It is centrally located in Porbandar, in Gujarat & caters specifically to the students coming from the weaker sections of the society.

The college believes in national integration and has an open admission policy, encouraging enrollments of girls irrespective of income, class, caste, region, religion or creed. At present the college has a strength of about 1500 students coming from all the sections of the society.

At the moment the college has a Post Graduate Centre in English & Proposes to start Post Graduate Centres in Hindi & Sociology as well. The College also has introduced Career Oriented Programmes (COP) in Spoken English and E-Commerce. The College has also got itself assessed and reaccredited with a CGPA of 2.81 by NAAC (National Assessement & Accreditation Council, Bangalore) in 2012.

Special Features

The college is located in the heart of city. Its aim is to achieve excellence in academic education. It is devoted to preparing citizens for the nation. Its emphasis is on sound teaching & learning through value-based education which prepare each student to reach her/his potential for a satisfying life emphasizing the dignity of the individual and the continuous educational process of the society.

Again the undergraduate students have to pay a bare minimum of fees, such as special fees for laboratories, examination, library, sports and other co-curricular activities. It also includes a library with 19589 books. In addition there are three Computer Laboratories consisting of highly configured systems with latest software. It also encourages students to actively participate in youth festivals, sports and cultural activities as and when organized by Saurashtra University, Rajkot.

The Grant-in-aid Girls college offers the faculties of Arts, Commerce & Home Science. The faculty of Arts offers courses in English, Hindi, Sanskrit, Gujarati, Sociology & Economics as the main subjects & Psychology as a subsidiary subject. In the faculty of Commerce, two optional streams have been offered i.e. Advanced Accountancy and Computer Science. The faculty of Home Science (B.Sc.) offers instruction in Physiological Anatomy, Child Development, Home Management, Dress Designing, Interior Decoration, Hotel Management and Tailoring & Cutting. The Home Science faculty also has a well equipped laboratory. Instruction is provided to manage Food and Nutrition, Kitchen, Garden, Marriages, Family relationships, Children welfare, Educational extension and so on.

We have a teaching staff of 20 full-time experts and as many as 6 Visiting Lecturers, who are imparting instructions in various disciplines. The overall result maintained by the college is up to 98% in the University exams. Among the Administrative Staff we have 15 personnel who take care of maintaining the entire campus apart from executing official duties assigned to them. The Trust also has a hostel that could easily accommodate around 300 students.

Co-curricular Activities
B.Com. (Eng)
M.A. (Eng) P.G. Level
Digital Eng. Lang. Lab.
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